Become a SELLER

If you are a Waiter – Bartender – Chef – Hostess – Housemaid – Security,
you want to work indеpendently for events and per hour!

Sign Up

How to sign up?

– Add personal ID information;
– Create a password;
– Set a Viber tel. number;
– Choose a category Job;
 Read “Terms of Use”

Service & Price

Add services & prices

– Add Service for wedding/buffet…
– Add prices per hour & per event;
-“Extra” prices for transport, accommodation;
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– Living Address;
– Places – working services;
– Cities – working services;
– Countries – working services;
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Get Money


– Verified your ID “PayPal”;
– Add PayPal ID in FnB Service;
-“PayPal” keeps the money;
– SELLERS receive the money after the job is done;
(PayPal, Cash or Bank)
 Read “Terms of Use”