Booking/Schedule Client-Support

Booking Details: 

1. Booking – here you can review all bookings and details.

2. Incomplete Booking – you have to wait for the Seller to accept the booking.

3. Complete Booking – the Seller accepts the booking and the job will be done.



1. Calendar – here you can review all of your bookings for the month.
Complete Booking” means that the Seller will do the service.

FAQ  – Frequent Ask Questions –

Can I edit the booking?

  • YES, but only when the booking is INCOMPLETE. You are able to change the date and time slot.

Can I cancel the booking?

  • YES, you have to check SUPPORT – “Booking Cancellation
    Only 1 day after the booking the Client is able to cancel it.
  • There is a FEE about “cancellation” – FnB Service will charge the PayPal transaction FEE.

How I will contact with the Seller after the booking?

  • The Admin will create a Viber Chat Group for easy correspondence during the job.
  • You can use “Questions & Answers” on the bottom of the Seller’s profile: