Jurema Salau

Excellent team work.
Categories: Waiter

I have over eight years of experience in a Spa Beauty Therapy and massage therapist, gaining excellent skills in managing clients’ needs., requirements, and wishes. I wish to develop myself as much as possible. I have housekeeper experience cleaning and over three years of Catering /Barista. I am willing to learn and am keen to re-enter employment as soon as possible.


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  • Norwegian

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Ole Irgens' vei, Bergen, Vestland, Norway


60.39042300000001, 5.346174299999999

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Spa responsibilities, Massage Therapist, beauty therapy, waxing, cleaning and maintenance. Restaurant waitress. Housekeeper.
Housekeeper, cleaning and makeup the rooms, public areas. Breakfast waitress, C&B waitress. Take care of buffet service, cleaning the tables serving the guests, taken orders.
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    English Portugal Spanish Norwegian
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