My services-Support


 1. Service name – add the name of your service ( wedding, waiter, cleaning, cocktails, ….)

 2. Service Cost –  you can choose a different type of payment for service.
fixed price – price for the event.


per hour – price for each our and client can choose how many hours you will work.




If add 0,00 price, the client will be able to send you “request a quote”.



per person – if you have a Team, you can add a price for each person ( service cost=1 person).



 3. Groups – you are able to create a lot of groups of services ( group name “London”= 1,2 or 3 different services in the group).

 4. Describe the service – describe your service and add media for any service. It will be informed better the client for your services.
*Text for Services:
– Add a text for each Service;
– Describe each Service;
– Add Media for each Service;  

FAQ  – Frequent Ask Questions –

The name of the services?

  • You can choose different kinds of names, but they have to be focused on your work.
    Clients have to understand, for what they will pay.

Can I add services for a transport and hotels?

  • YES, you can add prices for transport if the job is far from your home.
  • YES, you can add prices for the hospital if you have to work at night.

If I work more than booked hours?

  • The Client has to pay these extra hours by booking them from your profile.
  • You will add the price for these extra hours as a service.
  • The only safety way for your money is through FnB Service “PayPal”.

Is it necessary to write a description of each service?

  • The client will be informed of your services and work details.