PayPal – Support-SELLER

Payments “Get money”:

1. PayPal account – create your personal PayPal account
2. FnB Service profile – add an e-mail and name for your PayPal account.
3. FnB Service admin – after the booking the Client will send the money on FnB Service PayPal account, FnB Service Admin keeps the money until the job is done.
After the job is done, the money will be transfer to the Seller’s PayPal account.
4. The Sellers have to send an INVOICE to the Client‘s account (PayPal) from their PayPal accounts after receiving the money.

Payments “get money” by Cash or Bank:

1. Cash ot Bank transfer – a Seller will receive the money after the job is done;



FAQ  – Frequent Ask Questions –

Is there another payment method of getting the money?

  • the Seller will receive the money only on PayPal account.
  • the Seller will receive the money with Bank or Cash by a Client.
    (only after viber chat discussion)

When will I get the money in the Paypal Account?

  • The Admin will send you the money when the job is done.

PayPal Invoice?

  • When the money comes to your PayPal, you have to send back an Invoice to the Client.