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About Me:

  1. First & Last name – your real names and they will be shown on your profile photo.
  2. TagLine – it is your personal “Motto”.
  3. Biography – your professional experience and previous jobs. It is very important for your profile in FnB Service, the client will be informed about a Seller and the ability to do excellent service.

Contact Details:

  1. Add  Telephone VIBER number – number to discussion for a job with a Client and an Admin.
  2. Add  Email – you will receive emails for every booking details, requests, and all steps for your  Services.
  3. DO not add – SKYPE, WEBSITE, FAX.


  1. Country, city, and street – you will be pin on the map with the address and the client will know where you can work.

PAYPAL Account Details:

  1. PayPal Email – without Paypal Account, you could not use FnB Service and not able to sell your Services.
    Create a personal account on PAYPAL and you will receive all money in your PayPal account.


  1. Main category – the first category that you will choose and it will be shown on the profile photo:

  2. Sub-Categories – Secondary categories (more than one) where the Clients are able to search for Sellers.


  1. Cover – upload 2000px x 400px – that image is cover and your profile start with it.
  2. Gallery – your personal and thematic photos from the work.


  1. Files – attach your certificate, awards, job documents, …..

HELP for your Profile – fill the blank for Fast & Easy profile (admins will use the information to create your profile).
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FAQ  – Frequent Ask Questions –

Do I need to use my VIBER telephone number?

  • YES, it is very important to use your VIBER as the main part of your conversation with the Administrator and Client.
  • All details and questions can add on the VIBER chat, easy and free way to organize the Job.

If I have a problem to create my profile?

Can I add more than one category?

  • When signing up you have to choose one of the main categories,  but in your profile setting, you can add more than one subcategories.
  • The Client can find you by choosing a certain category.

Do I have to create a PayPal Account?

  • Yes, you will take the money for your services on PayPal Account.

How many photos should be uploaded to my profile?

  • More than one photo, the more photos you upload, the greater your chance of being hired by a client.

Do I have to add my Social Media?

  • No, no need to add your personal social media.