About Us

„Food & Beverage Service Events” is an online platform for registration of service providers “SELLERS” (waiter, bartender, chef, hostess, housemaid, security) and CLIENTS (hotel, restaurant, bar).

In the site can be registered an individuals and legal entities that develop and work in a service industry.

The idea…!

After many years in the sphere of restaurant and hotel management in different countries, FnB Service realized the need for independent and qualified service provider SELLERS (waiter, bartender, chef, hostess, housemaid, security).

The increasing demand for part-time staff for restaurants and hotels and the growing willingness for SELLERS to offer their services for part-time work.



Each SELLER (waiter, bartender, chef, hostess, housemaid, security) can determine how much his work costs depending on the qualifications and his experience. The more experienced a SELLER, the higher wage may require per hour of work.

Each SELLER (waiter, bartender, chef, hostess, housemaid, security) can choose the place of job, number of work hours and a type of event.



Each CLIENT  (hotel, restaurant, bar) may already have a large number of workers only when needed. It is not necessary to rent and pay salaries for workers that are not needed every day, no need to train and qualify waiters, bartenders, chefs, hostesses, housemaids, security by paying money for it.

FnB Service allows freely to rent per hour a SELLER with different experiences/internships for every event that CLIENTS pay.




FnB Service team has a lot of experience to service in restaurants and hotels, which provides the opportunity for good assistance of SELLERS and CLIENTS.

We take full account of the correctness and accuracy of our registered profiles, allowing our FnB Service team to develop as the main source of part-time staff in the restaurant and hotel industry





There is no more CV and job interviews, now more easy than ever to rent SELLERS per hour for any events.





For any questions FnB Service team is online.




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