Booking Settings Seller- Support

Booking Settings:

  1. Short Description for Booking: you can write some information about your booking.
    For example (I work only daily), (I prefer to work only for weddings) and others.



2. Booking Process – “ON” to use booking and payment.

3. Booking Amount Charged…. – “YES” the client will be chared by the price of the services.

4. Booking Assignment – “Manually” the Seller will accept the booking manually or cancel the booking.
The Seller has the choice to decide “Accept” or “Cancel” the booking.
The Seller has to give feedback about the reason for “Cancelation”.


Bank Account Details:

  1. Bank Account: you have to add all the information about PayPal Account.
    FnB Service will be able to send you the money for your service when the job is done.
    After the transaction, you as a (Seller) has to send back “the Invoice”.

Availability Days:

  1. Days – choose free days for work of the week (Monday to Sunday).
  2. Slots – these are the time intervals for your availability for work. How many times of the day you are able to take the booking.
    You can add more than one time to book you for the day:
    For example: from 07:00-12:00h. (one or two booking availability), from 17:00-23:00 (one-time booking).
    You decide how many times for one day to work. If you want only one client for a certain day, the system will cancel the other clients for that day.

3. Client’s Booking – When the client is starting to make a booking, here how the time slots are shown on the calendar.



Unavailability Days:

  1. Set New Unavailability – here you are able to set day/days from the month/year for your unavailability.
    If you have team members, you can set also unavailability for them.


Booking Info: 

  1. Booking – you can review all the information about booking and you will receive the e-mail for booking (every day check your FnB profile and e-mail box).
  2. Payment info – the price that you will take after the job is done. “PAID” means that the client is paid to FnB Service for your job, but you will receive the money on your PayPal account when the job is done excellently.
  3. Actions – If you want to accept the booking, let’s click the icon to change the “Status”.


  1. Calendar – here you can review all of your bookings for the month.
    “Complete Booking” means that you will do the service.

Team Members:

1. Create a Team – add more than one Seller in your team.
2. Create a Service – add the name of the service and the price for each Seller.
3. Team Booking – the Client will be able to book your service (wedding) for a team (5 waiters) and price.
( but the money will send only to one PayPal Account)



FAQ  – Frequent Ask Questions –

Can I choose only 2 working days?

  • YES, add availability days only for Saturday and Sunday and the clients will be able to book your service only for these days.

Can I cancel the booking?

Can I cancel more than one booking?

  • After each cancellation of the booking, you have to give a reason for that.
    Here: “Booking Cancellation
  • Accept Cancellations:

1 day after booking ( you have 5 times and the profile will be DELETE)
3 days before the event ( you have 3 times and the profile will be DELETE)
2 days before the event ( you have 2 times and the profile will be DELETE)
1 day before the event ( you have 1 time and the profile will be DELETE)

How I will notify about any booking?

  • Check your FnB Service profile every day.
  • You will receive an e-mail for booking and all the details about it.

How I will contact with the Client after acceptation of the booking?

  • The Admin will create a Viber Chat Group for easy correspondence during the job.