1. Request a Quote – you have to write the company name, e-mail, telephone, description of your event, some files or photos about the event.
2. Seller’s Reply – the Client has to wait and check his FnB Service profile about Seller’s Reply. The Seller will reply with the price offer for the event.
The Client can hire the Seller for the event.

3. Viber Chat – after each Quote, the Admin will create also a group viber chat between Client and Seller for a discussion.



FAQ  – Frequent Ask Questions –

What does it mean "Request a Quote"?

  • The Client wants to send Request a Quote for some event to SELLERS, but you don’t offer the price. The Client will wait for a reply with details and price-offer.
  • If the Seller doesn’t have this service and the Client also doesn’t have this Job, Request a Quote is the best choice.

How to find out when I have a Reply?

  • No e-mail notification, you have to check your personal FnB Service profile.
  • Admin will create a group viber chat between Client and Seller.